Thursday, May 31, 2007

age of consent

last night=friends art gallery opening --> marquee

a few of my friends showed their amazing, (dare i say, extremely artsy) adroitness.

i was vaguely reminded of Boo from Monsters Inc. Just the face. The rest of the body and the gold pool seemed very Maria-from-1927-film-Metropolis.

baby-blue pastal themed computer system for the OCD/stepford wife/tween in you:

i was gobsmacked by this. its completely brilliant.

Thennnnnn off to Marquee

big security men everywhere. so yes you, on the left, with the tacky/lame/unoriginal spiderman web on your arm, you get the ok from THEM before you go in.

more tasteless and cliche tatoos inside. However, it was SLIGHTLY better because whilst this guy seemed like an egotistical, white-rapper-esq model, he definitely was a model. rawr.

Cameron IS a model, and British, and FIT, (and from what I can tell/have seen, NO TATOOS)
all these qualities + the fact that he is absolutely amazing and lovely-nice= winner. at. life.

alcohol is a celebratory drink. we get it. the firecrackers in an overcrowded club filled with slightly-burly, slightly-drunk people is not the best idea.

many people (myself included) think girls licking lollypops is extremely attractive. i wanted one and refused to settle for the Starbursts that the bathrooms offered.

Adrian and Kay "are a sweet team/melting in your vice dreams, sport"

and you know, if you have to wear those probably aren't.

....or you are and just have very very low self-esteem. sucks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"adolescence is a marketing ploy"

its officially tuesday. so the weekend has passed.
3 day weekend->4 clubs + house party. (annex, misshapes, beatrice inn, darkroom + adrian h)

I was under the impression everyone goes AWAY over this weekend. I thought people had BBQs and made the excuse that it was in good form to celebrate memorial day by getting drunk.
but damnnnnn all these clubs were FULL.

Ergo, there's no point to go away, and there's no point to go to sleep. Too much fun is always occuring.

Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

bang bang rock and roll

last night=screaming mimi's party @ happy ending

apparently, its a masculine health club during the day tho....

i spy people from internship 1!

people try to be super lovely/loving to ian in hopes of getting in.

dressed up manniquins inside.
i feel like there's a double entendre with that quote but i can't figure it out.

richie rich from heatherette in all his beauty and fabulousness. (faran-he says hi to you)

jordan with the best outfit. i like that the girl wins the height contest with her headband.

best accessory i saw all night-this girl can pull off a gold hat.

the party had (thankfully) turned-off saunas downstairs to use as VIP booths. sorta genius.


mike nouveau=model. really. really really.

a mixture of pure excitement, and jaded boredom.

Monday, May 21, 2007


today is monday. which means a full weekend of parties, joviality, and debauchery has passed.
evidenced here......

Friday=Ruffffff club. where the bouncers are big, ian cogneato is a sweetheart, and a stamp of a rabbit is required to enter the VIP section.
Also= Hiro where my friend performed. amazing.

Saturday=dinner with the Paper Magazine people @ Indochine


superbly fabulous paper people

jake has awesome friends.

seen/heard @ indochine
-david bowie talking with enthusiasm

apres--misshapesssssssss. mad crowded, mad fun.

bring on the week.

Friday, May 18, 2007

thats hot

Wednesday night=Maxim Hot 100 party.
It also = night of torrential, pouring, this-is-so-not-seattle-so-why-the-weather, rain.
All those super hot maxim girls getting wet. (<-double entendre, obvs)


oh look--as soon as you get inside, out of the rain......more rain-like decorations. original.

Here's the thing though--no one seemed especially hot. the party felt like some singles bar on the upper east side. the women were slightly too old to wear the short flirty dresses they were wearing, and then men were wearing clothes that i'd only seen on "True Life: I'm a Jersey Shore Girl"....and everyone was legal.

there were 2 exceptions:
super hot guy right here. the dark green colors highlighted his curves perfectly.

and amanda lepore looked super beautiful. and was superrr nice to me.

so thus i ask--why rebecca why?

-sophia bush introducing herself to someone
-caridee (top model) saying "I don't know where he went off to, probably drunk somewhere"
-jay-z fighting his way through the crowd (my friend saw him, not i)
-danny masterson sitting alone

hit up gramercy hotel for about an hour. i stood next to a fireplace for too long and felt lightheaded for a bit.
-Watched stavros niarchos play pool

BLEACH where the misshapes and sophia lamar had come from a photoshoot wearing animal makeup and looking incredible.
there was a mattress outside bleach where any tired clubkids could take a rest.....
oh clubs these days.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

change is a good thing

did a little spring cleaning at the office.

it doesn't matter how much of a star this guy thought he was....

or how this guy thought chiseled abs were the way to calvin klein's heart....

or how this guy thought looking like a woman would get him more jobs.

in the end: Y'ALL were edited.
but worry not. you're all really ridiculously good looking.

and yes, male model #58888883828, you can feel honored about that.

Monday, May 14, 2007


You know that Jackson Pollis has influence when you see this sign and immediately think of him.


Friday, May 11, 2007

the truth hurts

internship 1 threw party last night: went with awesomely awesome friend Kay Krumbalina G:

the waiters were hot, the food was cute and bite sized.
Recognize anyone in the photo?

I received: a kiss from Agyness Dean, a wave from Coco Rocha, smiles from various models, and a mini gift bag.
I did not receive: presents from the store the party was thrown in, drinks.
I learned: S/S 07 from this store is incredibly tacky.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

kate moss 4ever

still tired from lack of sleep but there was no way i was missing:

KATE MOSS/TOPSHOP launch at barneys
and then the after party at the gramercy park hotel

the outside of barneys. I assumed the "is kate there" to refer to her london store-front appearence. she was no (*cough* stupid *cough*) mannequin last night. whew.

can you just imagine your face plastered EVERYWHERE like this?
afterwards i stole 2 of these. oh my room is so much more awesome now.

the truely amazing DJs who did the party and the afterparty. unlike all the stuffy people there, they were SERIOUSLY getting their groove on. when kate walked downstairs after a smoke break, they put on babyshambles. obvs.

some of my lovers...Sean, Henry Holland, Agyness Dean

Faranista, with two lovely dressed women. All supremely nice.

Noelle Doukas=my new favorite person


---feel free to click on the pics to zoom them in. and then decide, how does kate REALLY look up close?

now everyone can say, "me and kate are THIS close"

everyone can be kate moss now.

kate moss hearts topshop.
and i heart them both. LOADS.

-Naomi Campbell walking downstairs wearing horribly ugly huge white boots
-Simon Doonan remembering me as the "stylish girl who complimented his adorable dog" SCORE.

-Irina K being introduced to various people
-A certain model casting scout getting goofy drunk on the dancefloor
-amy winehouse making out with her boyfriend in front of the DJs
-the olsen twins smoking in the corner.
-mary kate and max snow still quite close and cozy. max later sits next to mary kate and plays chess.
-winona ryder smoking on the couch next to sadie frost
-standing looking hot: theodora richards
-lily donaldson smoking, sitting next to pat richards (makeup artist)

immediate (and fun) bonding with Kate Bosworth and her BF James Rousseau (next model!). we (and their friend) went back to their hotel room and just relaxed/drank/hungout. kate, james, their friend and i chatted about accents, arctic monkeys, age, meeting people, and threw things. truely lovely lovely people.