Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this is the day

last night=nylon party at home sweet home-->paper party for JD Fergeson at R Bar-->happy ending.

the girls of the night. actual fluorescent adolescents.

nylon's tracy and jaredddddd. aka 'spacey tracey' and 'thats rad' aka 'knockoff jackson' and well, i have yet to nickname jared.

more examples of florescent things.

the scene at home sweet home. alot of kids slightly slightly younger than me who seemed pretty smug at getting in and/or wearing their oversized hoodies and trucker-ish hats. ugh.

quick stop at r bar for jd's partyy

mickey and jd=love. separately. together. whenever. wherever.

jd's work flashing on the screen. i think he's cognizant of how awesomely fun his job is.

some of the crowd at rrrrrrr

some of the less than steller men at the party. ergo at the table off to the size. burned.

you photograph me, i photograph you. so there.

gorgeous gorgeous people.

-derek blasberg being informed of my infamy. ach.
-COACDgiving byrdie bell the casting card
-michael musto on the phone
-sophia lamar (with a brilllllliant outfit) air kissing a guy. (i get a genuine hug and kiss)

Happy Ending---

eric choses his preference.

late night on a roof. again. such fun. i despretely want wade's jeans.

and more nights like this one.

Friday, June 22, 2007

field trip

yesterdayyy--hung out at designer Patrik Rzepski's office during a model fitting.

lots and lots of ideas for dressup popped up

l'inspiration, thinspiration, artspiration, etc

adrian the gorgeoussss beauty.

standing still and looking beautiful. thats basically what i watched him do. not hard to do on my part. pretty easy on adrian's part too.

patrik, his amazing puff diddy shirt, and the photographer.

i understand the beauty and postmodernism of this shirt covered in perfectly aligned, metal outlined holes....but that said i just wanted to poke adrian thru them. and success was achieved.

more beauty.

adrian having epic fun during clothing changes.

and i LOVE that this is just another day-at-the-office for Patrik.

merci for the visit, patrik! x

Thursday, June 21, 2007

work it out

yesterday=alexander wang's resort wear show in soho.

we had to walk through a gym to get to the showroom. awkward for the poor sweaty man who had to watch loads of made-up fashionable people sashay by him.

right before it got really, really crowded and i was no longer able to find a good angle to capture it.

slightly witty. and no, she's doesn't.

when i was dragged to places by my parents when i was younger, i had to walk around and be with them. this kid is mad comfy and mad cute. envious.

kay realizing alexander wang (who is an adorable sweetheart) is behind her.


models refusing to look at my camera for the shot. thanks. tres helpful.

the yellow color was basically american apparel's fluorescent yellow color. as info.

-socialite rankers valentine and olga chatting quietly to themselves.

exposing themselves behind their blog. what an idea.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

surf it scroll it pose it click it

a handful of things i'm obsessed with.

1. mark hunter's jeremy scott loves tsubi shirt he wore to darkroom yesterday. (which by the way was funnn and kudos to the DJ who played "time warp" to a bunch of drunk hipsters at 3am)

evidence of darkroom dissoluteness and EXTREME irony of balancing the one item guaranteed to make you unbalanced....

2. these new shirts(/buy a size large and they become a dress and a disproportionate outfit. woo)
they're ridiculously comfy and i want to spread the word about them.
click contact to buy. they're $36.

as We Are Scientists sing, "go for it, yeah, go for it, yeah-ahhhhhh"


Saturday, June 16, 2007

not going to change till i want to


at internship: my new favorite model came in. veronika from DNA. completely stunning. i want to play with her hair desperately. she was also unperturbed by my camera being a punk-ass-bitch and taking forever to take a picture.

after work---playdate at photog JD Ferguson's casa.
did you have all access backstage photography rights at the Chanel f/w 07/08 show? no? he did.

jd with his vices. coffee. cigs. sunglasses. pink.

jd is a stone fox. and a huge penchant for getting his own photo taken.

"badass bitch/ i'm rated x"

you are, JD, you are.
(hope you have called you-know-who by now.....)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

get your rocks off

last night=nylon magazine party at irving plaza->the backroom

yes, myspace=a place for friends, the co-representative of tonight. that said, a VIP pass was needed to access half of irving plaza.

darla baker: who is young and single and gorgeous and is unaware of someone's massive, massive crush on her. next time, "mystery guy", i WILL shove you over the wall to make you go talk to her....

knockoff jackson was there too. looking slightly more girly but nevertheless jacksony
still weird. still. really. weird.

sophia lamar and her bow. as she described it, "i'm ready to sit back, drink, have no one bother me, and watch the music"

cutest dressed girl from last night. adorable dress. epic hair.

faran and the real jackson. faran massages the kinks and stresses of being so phlegmatic and hip out of him. well done faran. (ps: headband=god)

the music scene: 3 bands performing:
bloody social! whilst i prefer them in smaller venues (aka milk studios crackden)
(april 11th entry),
its probably better publicity wise to play to a larger group of people sometimes.....

jamie rocking out.....

a french girl group called the plasticines performed after. the sound system was shitty, and they were all singing in french so unless you were their number one fan, no one could understand what they were singing and loads of people lost interest in the concert for awhile.

nick (from the virgins) trying to figure out with his friend what they're singing....

but neither her, the other friends, nor Wade know. tragic. they headed off to sweet paradise after the show.

THEN a sole johnny borrell from Razorlight comes to stage, accompanied by his own soul choir (?!) and the audience ambles back in, aware that johnny is really really ridiculously good looking.

my new favvvvvvvv steve aoki. brilliant old school, vh1-i-love-the-90s dance tunes.

afterrrr Dazed & Confused party at the Back Room. misshapes djing....
1. i was fully under the impression that the Back Room was literally a back room housed somewhere in irving plaza. ergo, i was slightly nonplussed traveling TO the backroom in a cab until i realized, woop, such a place exists elsewhere....
2. The Back Room serves crudite and plates of food. it was mad winsome and mad lush.

and the brits would be proud that everyone drank lots and lots of "tea" *cough*

jefferson hack watching over his soiree.....

jefferson and ben cho in their suave, so-easy-to-look-cool-because-i'm-not-trying-its-just-natural dispositions.

afterrrrr, me and jefferson just hung out and chatted. we scribbled down poems and short stories on notepads, had a mini water fight, and drew the shapes of our hands. and after putting on his sunglasses for a joke, he gave them to me. souvenir for the future social excursions.

its pretty effulgent out there.....any sort of invulnerability is helpful.
social darwinism: only the strong survive.