Wednesday, August 1, 2007

growing old is just a lie

last night: VIRGINS concert @mercury lounge->max fish -> afterparty @ happy ending->beatrice inn. (whew)

the concert (Lissy Trullie & The Fibs, Frankpolis & The Virgins) was completely sold out, which meant (in regards to the types of bands playing) the crowd was loud, fun and hip.

frankpolis are not the virgins. rather, virginal, sweet boys. actually, i guess they are the virgins then.

i'd never heard lissy's band before and she was absolutely amazzzzzing. 'of montreal' ish. terribly catchy tunes =automatic dancing/bopping.

the virginssssssss

donald has greenish/blackish hair now. his previous color, a bright bright pink, was tres Patrick Wolf but ridiculously cool.
nick's pant leg makes a cameo in this photo.

the crowd kept screaming "WE LOVE WADE" (and by crowd i mean about 4 certain people...!)
ergo, his indoor shade-wearing application. that wade, he's so hot right now.

kathy is MY friend too, damnit.

tracy from nylon (formerly affectionately known as 'knockoff jackson') had the one (read: fluorescent) dress that could showup and standout in a flashless camera shot. x!

-ben cho talking to my boss
-kt auleta watching to lissy trullie & the fibs
-jessica stam getting elbowed
-agyness deyn whistling in liu of clapping after frankpolis

ah, bright young things.


Anonymous said...

virgins me likey but see no CDs on amazon .. ??

Anonymous said...

hey i need your advice on something..

im buying my first expensive designer bag and i need it to stay current and classic for the next 4 years during my no money university years.. i was thinking YSL muse bag in black or balenciaga motorcycle in black or grey


Anonymous said...

your blog is awesome dont give up hope :))))

Cayte Did said...

loove your blog

please, keep me updated

PS: i've linked to you. Hope you dont mind?

the best,

The Bee said...

Hey, I just found your site through COCD! Not in the fashion industry (yet) but I plan to start reading! Good stuff in here!

CEDE said...

Hi Tess,

Fun blog. You need more days for August on it though. I also still owe you a new pair of tights.

Anonymous said...

how was virgins dj night at hiro? seemed kinda slow-y after hours...
yes we need more updates!