Sunday, April 29, 2007

bragging rights

i discovered i had some pics from misshapes 3/31 when i went with superfly photog JD Ferguson, black haired, doe eyed Georgia Frost, Daul Kim, and Marieke Sterling.
why post now? almost a month later?
1) i forgot about them
2) everyone looooves commenting/complimenting/criticizing models
3) well, where YOU there?

JD, its the not the size, its how you use it. we've established that.

Marieke has long, luscious hair. pantene pro-v should call.

georgia looks absolutely badass. she CAN pull off black......i just prefer blond.

adorable....i mean...FIERCE (tyra) models.

marieke's superbly enviable cheekbones. seriously not fair. the rest of us have to suck in our cheeks olsen-style. rawr.

Friday, April 27, 2007


These were given as presents to many people in internship 1.

But here's the confusing aspect to me.

1. Cheesy-ness. "the modern era of energy drinks" SERIOUSLY?
have we progressed, in so many new directions, that now is the time to focus on the evolution of energy drinks?

2. red bull/monster energy drinks, the really intense, full-of-chemicals, party-hardy drinks, are at the beginning. if someone REALLY wants energy, they're going to pick those types.

3. seperation anxiety: there is a significant space between the Glaceau drinks and the others.

4. glaceau drinks contain no caffeine.

successful advertising? you decide.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

visually abused

Well, that's attractive.

These are my new awesome Minnetonka shoes.

After wearing them for a day.

They really make their mark.




"we can't stop here....this is bat country!"

i love how there are parties every single day of the year.

after internship1 finished for the day (slash subtly checking gawker, imaginarysocialite, fashionista, perez hilton, nymag, and COACD every 10 minutes....) Off to Plumm w/ Ron & Caleb. super spiffin stylish duo.

why there are 2 m's in Plumm, i have no idea. i was thinking like the fruit.

I speak ironically of course. about fruits. loads of fruits at Plumm tonight.

in fact there were loads of hot people. and one really, ridiculously, good-looking tranny.

ron & caleb & i made the (few of many) drinks we got look romantic. color coordination is key.

liam mcmullan DJs. his song collection is ridiculously impressive. i make a few song additions including 'sexy results' by Death From Above 1979, 'fuck the pain away' by Peaches and "steady as she goes" by the Raconteurs. epic dance songs

someone's birthday. i didnt know who he was. and was slightly pissed because we had to pause an Of Montreal song to sing.

patrick mcmullan takes loads of photos of all the fabulously hot people at the party.

and at the end of the night, patrick is pretty tired. so he leaves.

but liam and i are ready to defend the world. whenever. wherever. rawr.

we win again.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007


heard outside misshapes last night

girl 1: is this misshapes?
girl 2: if you have to ask, you'll never, EVER know. seriously.

Friday, April 20, 2007


MORNING/AFTERNOON: superfly photographer JD Ferguson comes over.

JD believes posture is the key to success.

'cosmic charlie how do ya do?!'

NIGHT: Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2007 charity benefit at Milk studios. Fashion + male models=best sort of fund-raising obviously.

The models preparing:

....preparing to look superhot in front of hundreds.

After a stimulating game of chess.... (intellectual models? oxymoronic?)
models sleep:

When models make funny faces they still look hot.

He reminded me of a Holden Caulfield-esq type.

Hi, prettyboy

The models may have been bored, but I was quite cheerful snapping these pictures.... hello beautiful.....

The French woman who spoke lots of french (Etes-vous prĂȘt ? Aller ! Maintenant ! En haut ! ) and made sure everyone was changed and ready in record time.

"You better walk...supermodel....walk.....incorporated...walk your ass down the runway and get paid."

I declined to take a gift bag purely because they weighed about 100000 lbs and I was in no mood to schlep it around for the next few hours. i'm sure they were awesome.
and before the night had ended over $300,000 had been raised for various charities.
these events should happen more often....

Happy 4/20 y'all......

Thursday, April 19, 2007

buy it use it break it fix it trash it

What prevents me from uploading photos from last nights AMAZING 'Fashion Cares' benefit party...........
check back for pictures of
-hot male models
-hot british male models
-hot british canadian models
-hot male models walking down the runway for free
-and a few other things too........

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Wait, no one we know wears Roxy clothes....awkward"

Jane Magazine + ROXY clothes party @ milk studios.

i wish i could make a witty joke about spending so much time at Milk and yet am lactose-intolerant.


gemma ward and alessandra ambrosio were there. dayumm

kay's face when we spotted gemma ward

the poster for the event. which i first read as "its all happening". which isnt even close. so i can't read. whatevs.

WHILST i appreciate art/raising money, there was no way i was paying $60 to buy one of the charity shirts. pah-ha

the plethora of drinks we could help ourselves from. and take a handful for the road.


its art.
a different sort of art.
but its cool to say its cool so i say its cool

we can't always look as hot as certain people. kay g is a stone fox.

proof that milk studios isnt visual perfection. stuff breaks down. crazy.

super stylish streetpeeper lady. we can street peep too. WHAT NOW, OH?
outfit: adorable.

i want some marshmallow peeps now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

milk it for all its worth

FOUR hour casting for Nina Shoes.
sad part of day: discarded photo cards. I metaphorically pity it in all its squalor.


super stylish couple come in. take pictures of them. epic style. less epic attending-classes ethics.

Spin magazine party at Milk Studios.

went with superfly friend, Kay Krumbalina G.
we spent maybe 20+ minutes waiting for drinks. but they were worth it. they were big.

Special DJ sets by the Teddybears.

"DJ Teddy Bear-am I the imaginary socialite?"

Then, we were kidnapped by rock stars. this mangy/grungy group of young guys had come in and grabbed the two of us. kay and i were very quickly ushered into the basement of milk and onto prime seats of the couch where we were treated to a superexcellent, super secretive concert by Bloody Social!
superhot, super british Jamie Burke was my muse for the 30+ minutes they played a 6 or so song set.

they were awesome. yes jamie's rep clearly gets them more attention but he also has a julian casablancas-esq voice. and thats good too. really good. really really good.
yay for secret concerts.

Monday, April 9, 2007

temptation greets you like a naughty friend

i have 2 sweet internships.

and they're more than sweet.
they're enviable.

adolescent narcissism.
we start early.