Wednesday, July 18, 2007

do the d.a.n.c.e

tonight=marie claire magazine party at milk studios

charities were involved. for dramatic effect.

photographs of models (taken between 1980s->now) covered every inch of the walls. people covered every inch of the floor. mad crowded. ugh.

DJ-admitted "hipster"/"electronic" music played the entire time. it was hard not to dance to the same tunes i danced to last night at happy ending, but this social scene was all about self-imposed refinery.

some powerful woman at Marie Claire. how did i know her affluent position? she's wearing the most amazing dress from Chloe's latest collection. I don't believe its even in stores yet. lucky bugger.

my Laurennnnnn. whose drink matches her dress and whose face/hair matches up to daisy lowe's. (in my opinion)

another awesome (and awesomely short) dress.

faran supporting the effort to bring the alexander mcqueen scarves back. damn right i'm still wearing mine.

helena christensen being momentarily coy after receiving flowers for her work for this charity campaign.

some photographs on the wall.

oh anna....bidding was up to $750 last time i checked. she's expensive.

irina l's gorgeous doe-eyed photo.

-james rousseau talking to a tinsley mortimor lookalike (and giving me a hug)
-derek blasberg posing for photos
-liya kebede looking at the photo of herself with her husband
-models mingling: chanel iman, erin heatherton


Anonymous said...

naw you dont have to bring back skull scarves: they can be put away for another 10-15 years, ta

Chris said...

It's hard to avoid d.a.n.c.e right now..... whenever I get bored of it, I just end up playing another remix...

Anonymous said...

Im gonna change my name to "DJ Admitted":) love ya!

alexgirl said...

I am lovin' this post. Your whole blog, actually. That Chloe dress is too fabulous. And the too-short glittery dress as well.
Looks like a fun party!