Wednesday, July 11, 2007

hang up the chick habit

today=big casting!

money. power. glamour. success. (the motto for the cab ride to the studio)

the models who couldn't show up were replaced by their books.
(and i wanted to see daisy! she and her boyfriend were epic-ly sweet to me and superfit at the CFDA costume gala in may)

there's a few reasons why she might stand out in a crowd. (speaking of things standing out....)

i love Ford.
i love the girls they use.
i LOVE that this Ford girl is wearing a gorgeous (sorry: a NINA!), unique-looking dress and its from H&M.

my new favorite girl. Alice from Ford. polished, lolita-esq, proper, prim, beautiful, wise all at the same time. serious love to Sweden.


former Jane magazine (RIP) employees (aka our lovely wonderful friends/whom-we-all-lovingly-toss-around-the-word-'whores'-to) walk to the hotel where the campaign will be shot.

then lunch at bar pitti->back to work.

fun summer days.
This campaign should be fierce.


Anonymous said...

serious love to sweden <3

Pénélope said...

I really like the first girl with curly hair, do you know her name ?
And me too, I think I like ford girls more and more.
keep your nice blog on

Anonymous said...

penelope, the curly haired redhead's name is claire oleson & she's canadian (& with code nyc)