Tuesday, July 3, 2007

summer dayssss

ahhh we're casting h&m kids campaign which means adorable little munchkins like this girl are all i see every day now at the office. scoreeeeee

honestly, the design between the words made me think of a runway. and such the sign. perfect.

over the weekend: annex, misshapes, beatrice, sway, and beatrice again.
-erin wasson wearing a questionable hat and smoking
-josh hartnett standing alone
-dash snow buying a beer

parties + working everyday means i'm basically living on coffee. and i wouldn't change it.


Jocasta said...

Low down on the Hartnett sighting? At the Beatrice, I assume.

david said...

was hartnett at beatrice?? dicaprio definitely was..he is large!

Anonymous said...

omg that little girl looks nearly exactly like you did at that age, Ms. Fluorescent Adolescent...!

-- one who knows