Friday, April 27, 2007


These were given as presents to many people in internship 1.

But here's the confusing aspect to me.

1. Cheesy-ness. "the modern era of energy drinks" SERIOUSLY?
have we progressed, in so many new directions, that now is the time to focus on the evolution of energy drinks?

2. red bull/monster energy drinks, the really intense, full-of-chemicals, party-hardy drinks, are at the beginning. if someone REALLY wants energy, they're going to pick those types.

3. seperation anxiety: there is a significant space between the Glaceau drinks and the others.

4. glaceau drinks contain no caffeine.

successful advertising? you decide.


Anonymous said...

It's ALL about the Rock Star 18 oz's !!

Anonymous said...

They do have have caffeine. It says it on the can, but it's from natural sources and has a bunch of other good stuff too. I just had one, it was satisfying.

Borland said...