Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"we can't stop here....this is bat country!"

i love how there are parties every single day of the year.

after internship1 finished for the day (slash subtly checking gawker, imaginarysocialite, fashionista, perez hilton, nymag, and COACD every 10 minutes....) Off to Plumm w/ Ron & Caleb. super spiffin stylish duo.

why there are 2 m's in Plumm, i have no idea. i was thinking like the fruit.

I speak ironically of course. about fruits. loads of fruits at Plumm tonight.

in fact there were loads of hot people. and one really, ridiculously, good-looking tranny.

ron & caleb & i made the (few of many) drinks we got look romantic. color coordination is key.

liam mcmullan DJs. his song collection is ridiculously impressive. i make a few song additions including 'sexy results' by Death From Above 1979, 'fuck the pain away' by Peaches and "steady as she goes" by the Raconteurs. epic dance songs

someone's birthday. i didnt know who he was. and was slightly pissed because we had to pause an Of Montreal song to sing.

patrick mcmullan takes loads of photos of all the fabulously hot people at the party.

and at the end of the night, patrick is pretty tired. so he leaves.

but liam and i are ready to defend the world. whenever. wherever. rawr.

we win again.


Anonymous said...

pink vodka is the best.. i stole one of those glasses and two shot glasses last summer from a bar =D

Anonymous said...

you had to pause an of montreal song?
what a crime!!
how could you deal with defending the world after that atrocity!?!?

veritas said...

awesome photos of liam and patrick,and you are now my favorite blogger!