Friday, April 20, 2007


MORNING/AFTERNOON: superfly photographer JD Ferguson comes over.

JD believes posture is the key to success.

'cosmic charlie how do ya do?!'

NIGHT: Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2007 charity benefit at Milk studios. Fashion + male models=best sort of fund-raising obviously.

The models preparing:

....preparing to look superhot in front of hundreds.

After a stimulating game of chess.... (intellectual models? oxymoronic?)
models sleep:

When models make funny faces they still look hot.

He reminded me of a Holden Caulfield-esq type.

Hi, prettyboy

The models may have been bored, but I was quite cheerful snapping these pictures.... hello beautiful.....

The French woman who spoke lots of french (Etes-vous prĂȘt ? Aller ! Maintenant ! En haut ! ) and made sure everyone was changed and ready in record time.

"You better walk...supermodel....walk.....incorporated...walk your ass down the runway and get paid."

I declined to take a gift bag purely because they weighed about 100000 lbs and I was in no mood to schlep it around for the next few hours. i'm sure they were awesome.
and before the night had ended over $300,000 had been raised for various charities.
these events should happen more often....

Happy 4/20 y'all......

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jdvision said...

hey girl! great pics!!!
happy 420!