Wednesday, April 11, 2007

milk it for all its worth

FOUR hour casting for Nina Shoes.
sad part of day: discarded photo cards. I metaphorically pity it in all its squalor.


super stylish couple come in. take pictures of them. epic style. less epic attending-classes ethics.

Spin magazine party at Milk Studios.

went with superfly friend, Kay Krumbalina G.
we spent maybe 20+ minutes waiting for drinks. but they were worth it. they were big.

Special DJ sets by the Teddybears.

"DJ Teddy Bear-am I the imaginary socialite?"

Then, we were kidnapped by rock stars. this mangy/grungy group of young guys had come in and grabbed the two of us. kay and i were very quickly ushered into the basement of milk and onto prime seats of the couch where we were treated to a superexcellent, super secretive concert by Bloody Social!
superhot, super british Jamie Burke was my muse for the 30+ minutes they played a 6 or so song set.

they were awesome. yes jamie's rep clearly gets them more attention but he also has a julian casablancas-esq voice. and thats good too. really good. really really good.
yay for secret concerts.


Anonymous said...

jamie burke=love

Krumbalina said...' eeyouatmyplace,around6:30ish?

Anonymous said...

if your blog keeps up this quality it's a must

Anonymous said...

Super stylish couple, eh? Hrm. Also PS: attending classes? Psh: they don't need to be smart, just pretty. And when they're 30 they'll be mediocre and boring.

six said...

`sickly angelina jolie uses class time to salvage clothes from her grandmother's closet, or the street

`their blank expressions indicate that they're already mediocre and boring

Anonymous said...

barth is just a lame pseudo japanese celebrity.
his girlfriend needs to stop pertending shes a model

Anonymous said...

she'll stop pretending when she stops working.

tess, sorry that a picture of bart and i could cause so much drama. but you must've known that was going to happen. xx see you soon(ish).

Nina said...

taylor is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

yeah, if taylor were a few inches taller she'd be INSANELY successful as a model. i think her face makes up for her lack of height.