Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Wait, no one we know wears Roxy clothes....awkward"

Jane Magazine + ROXY clothes party @ milk studios.

i wish i could make a witty joke about spending so much time at Milk and yet am lactose-intolerant.


gemma ward and alessandra ambrosio were there. dayumm

kay's face when we spotted gemma ward

the poster for the event. which i first read as "its all happening". which isnt even close. so i can't read. whatevs.

WHILST i appreciate art/raising money, there was no way i was paying $60 to buy one of the charity shirts. pah-ha

the plethora of drinks we could help ourselves from. and take a handful for the road.


its art.
a different sort of art.
but its cool to say its cool so i say its cool

we can't always look as hot as certain people. kay g is a stone fox.

proof that milk studios isnt visual perfection. stuff breaks down. crazy.

super stylish streetpeeper lady. we can street peep too. WHAT NOW, OH?
outfit: adorable.

i want some marshmallow peeps now.


Krumbalina said...

ahem,that was specifically my 'LOW BATTERY OH NO!' face.thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

cool typeface on The Happening. Yeah 'arty teepees' is usually a cautionary description at art shows but at least theres a barrel of PBR . great blog!!

Anonymous said...

witty joke? im sorry to say i spent time on this.

tess, cmon

veritas said...

your friend kay is kay is cute,and the girl in the last photo does have a cute outfit too.....