Friday, July 13, 2007

expand your mind

yesterday=wall st guys casting -> milk studios BBQ!

still needing guys for a story we're casting, the boss and i travel down to wall street's post-wall-street bar for happy hour.

its a bit creepy how many blue shirted guys were in the crowd. american psycho flashback....

the scene was so preppy even the keyhole said YALE on it

but guys were found and off to milk studios......

free beer, red bull and alcoholic-looking bottles of water. ergo a very LARGE diverse crowd.

pah-ha, not tonightt......

how to instantly look like a not-so-macho-man-when-they-tumble-off-after-clutching-the-bull-struggling-to-stay-on. and/or a drunk fool when they flash the crowd (girls mostly). seriously, bull riding is NOT sexy to me.

daria is sexy though. gorgeoussssss

and jamie burke is a stone fox. (and my camera zooms too much) (but for obvious reason!)

le owner of milk studios. super lovely. we grooved to the mexican mariachi band.

cuteeeee magnusssss

my love, my obsession and fellow camera whore/photographer, JD Ferguson. xo!

my new york version of lords of dogtown. there was scruffy, egotistical AND long blond haired boys skating. not quite emilie hirsh hot, but decent enough, for sure.

and this was today:
no work. just hanging with friends.

annex and beatrice laterrrrrrr


Anonymous said...

Very nice to see daria !

alexgirl said...

That sunset pic is lovely.
And i love those alcoholic-looking-bottles-of-water.

Anonymous said...

what did daria say to you?
she's nice?