Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this is the day

last night=nylon party at home sweet home-->paper party for JD Fergeson at R Bar-->happy ending.

the girls of the night. actual fluorescent adolescents.

nylon's tracy and jaredddddd. aka 'spacey tracey' and 'thats rad' aka 'knockoff jackson' and well, i have yet to nickname jared.

more examples of florescent things.

the scene at home sweet home. alot of kids slightly slightly younger than me who seemed pretty smug at getting in and/or wearing their oversized hoodies and trucker-ish hats. ugh.

quick stop at r bar for jd's partyy

mickey and jd=love. separately. together. whenever. wherever.

jd's work flashing on the screen. i think he's cognizant of how awesomely fun his job is.

some of the crowd at rrrrrrr

some of the less than steller men at the party. ergo at the table off to the size. burned.

you photograph me, i photograph you. so there.

gorgeous gorgeous people.

-derek blasberg being informed of my infamy. ach.
-COACDgiving byrdie bell the casting card
-michael musto on the phone
-sophia lamar (with a brilllllliant outfit) air kissing a guy. (i get a genuine hug and kiss)

Happy Ending---

eric choses his preference.

late night on a roof. again. such fun. i despretely want wade's jeans.

and more nights like this one.

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Anonymous said...

you soo right about hoods, trucker hats & rank guys off to the side: they all suck