Friday, June 22, 2007

field trip

yesterdayyy--hung out at designer Patrik Rzepski's office during a model fitting.

lots and lots of ideas for dressup popped up

l'inspiration, thinspiration, artspiration, etc

adrian the gorgeoussss beauty.

standing still and looking beautiful. thats basically what i watched him do. not hard to do on my part. pretty easy on adrian's part too.

patrik, his amazing puff diddy shirt, and the photographer.

i understand the beauty and postmodernism of this shirt covered in perfectly aligned, metal outlined holes....but that said i just wanted to poke adrian thru them. and success was achieved.

more beauty.

adrian having epic fun during clothing changes.

and i LOVE that this is just another day-at-the-office for Patrik.

merci for the visit, patrik! x


Secret Agent said...

What a cool blog you have. Nice! I love that board with all the model pictures.

Steve_0 said...

Hey. This blog is so incredible genuine and actually cool. Not like something that obviously wants to be cool, but just is, like a coolness that comes from deep within and is as much a refutation of cool as an embrace of it.