Tuesday, June 12, 2007

we love almost everybody

last night=Preen party at the Soho Grand

aka where the decorations were eaten, canopies make lame cover from the rain, and people can have their own knockoffs......

the fashion show was screened on a massive wall on repeat. so every 8 minutes or so, coco rocha's scary-eyed pout was revealed. ugh.

sean from The Agency! he was with two male models.
me, taylor and charlotte schmoozed. they chatted back.
we smiled, they winked
we waved bye, the models sent kisses our way.
status: boys are unoriginal

phil "the milkmaid" oh from streetpeeper. epic shirt, phil....

ignoring the unsophisticated juvenile hand gesture of one, and the bashfulness of the other, there is some serious touseled hair in this photo.

le designer kenzo minami. in his own words, "its hard to convince people you're not a gay skinny asian hipster" that said, i heart him and his shirts.

this is how hair should always look. perfect. it merits my new favorite word: pulchritudinous (beautiful)

more long luscious hair attached to a very fine and foxy guy.

oh wait....thats jackson.....
oh wait.....no its not....
oh wait....thats really terribly effing weird.

too much recklessness causes the drinks to spill.

and we're all uninterested and apathetic toward the camera sometimes

though some more than others....


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Anonymous said...

yay tess we've been hoping youd get more attitude & believability in your remarks- keep going with your honesty its what makes your editorializing more compelling. glad youve just learnt pulchritudinous too

Anonymous said...

pulchritudinous. latin. i like.