Monday, June 11, 2007

she'll never take you to giddy stratospheres

a weekend consisting of: annex, the loft, misshapes, an AWESOME concert, the box, darkroom, sway.

best. lineup. ever.

-ryan mcginley texting on his phone
-dash snow hiding his beer to the side of the stage
-greg k and agyness deyn dancing in the crowd

i have a girl crush on the lead singer of the long blondes. as did half the audience as well. huge number of "I LOVE YOU!"'s were heard throughout their set.

the virginnnnssss; who are adorable and fit and good. their new teeshirts are slightly house-of-holland-y but its permissible.

misshapes was epicccccc this week. gareth pugh DJed (speaking of HoH: UGH GARETH PUGH). representative quote of the night: "this house is a circus, berzerk as fuck"

sunday=Paper magazine party at The Box where Rufas Wainwright performed and where the giftbag included (among other delightful goodies, spearmint melon gum. woot)
the incredibly shrouded club.

rufas making the eyes of many teary

he described this song as perfect for "gay margaritaville" epicc

faranista and her amazing-skirts-are-the-new-dresses outfit

lots and lots of hotness and glitz.

romance isn't dead. the white rapper isn't dead. ghetto fab isn't dead. its very much alive and very much the NEW combination.
....that rose is dead though; lame fake flower.

oh hot right now.

the most amazing article of clothing. adorable hoody with little ears on the hood. bernard wilhelm is geniussssssss

downstairs in darkroom there are loads of messages scribbled on the wall.
this was my fav.
(harry potter-esq!)

good 4 tune.


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her name is kate jackson

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bernhard willhelm