Thursday, June 7, 2007

lets do it real good

last night=sophia lamar's birthday bash at darkroom....

ridiculously crowded, both inside and out.

sophia posing with her bday invite.
note: whilst we must EXIT quietly, there is no notification or admonition that we must ENTER quietly. and hells yes we were all rowdy and boisterous. (that is, after we were admitted to the club by the very very very very big bouncers)

max is intellectual.
and posing.
meet your new crush #1011

ian knows he's hot shit. and thus knows it comes with the territory that other people will be jealous/envious and will THUS want to satirize/ridicule him. i love you, ian.

everyone knows something no one else knows. and everyone shares the secrets. welcome to high school, part deux.

easy enough caption: this guy was hot. i wanted to photograph him and show off his hotness. thats all.

6 "hipsters" (interpret THAT as you will) 1 cake. not too bad.

number of bikes in this photo: 3
bikes are the new black.

we're all impish little minxes every so often.

and its good fun.

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