Thursday, June 21, 2007

work it out

yesterday=alexander wang's resort wear show in soho.

we had to walk through a gym to get to the showroom. awkward for the poor sweaty man who had to watch loads of made-up fashionable people sashay by him.

right before it got really, really crowded and i was no longer able to find a good angle to capture it.

slightly witty. and no, she's doesn't.

when i was dragged to places by my parents when i was younger, i had to walk around and be with them. this kid is mad comfy and mad cute. envious.

kay realizing alexander wang (who is an adorable sweetheart) is behind her.


models refusing to look at my camera for the shot. thanks. tres helpful.

the yellow color was basically american apparel's fluorescent yellow color. as info.

-socialite rankers valentine and olga chatting quietly to themselves.

exposing themselves behind their blog. what an idea.


Anonymous said...

Im sure there were no well known models in that show? or not? it looks very toy.
the guy with the kate moss shirt, is punning on her doing cocaine. and he is a fucking lame ass tosser who should be kicked to the curb. kates the greatest & hes a piece of shitt .

Anonymous said...

First dress, 7th picture down, is a total rip-off of Mayle's Spring collection...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

how the heck do u get invited to all of these events--i have to know..srsly