Tuesday, June 19, 2007

surf it scroll it pose it click it

a handful of things i'm obsessed with.

1. mark hunter's jeremy scott loves tsubi shirt he wore to darkroom yesterday. (which by the way was funnn and kudos to the DJ who played "time warp" to a bunch of drunk hipsters at 3am)

evidence of darkroom dissoluteness and EXTREME irony of balancing the one item guaranteed to make you unbalanced....

2. these new shirts(/buy a size large and they become a dress and a disproportionate outfit. woo)
they're ridiculously comfy and i want to spread the word about them.
click contact to buy. they're $36.

as We Are Scientists sing, "go for it, yeah, go for it, yeah-ahhhhhh"



jenine said...

where can i find the jeremy scott scott shirt??!!

Fluorescent Adolescent said...

i'd call tsubi (now, ksubi) and ask