Thursday, May 31, 2007

age of consent

last night=friends art gallery opening --> marquee

a few of my friends showed their amazing, (dare i say, extremely artsy) adroitness.

i was vaguely reminded of Boo from Monsters Inc. Just the face. The rest of the body and the gold pool seemed very Maria-from-1927-film-Metropolis.

baby-blue pastal themed computer system for the OCD/stepford wife/tween in you:

i was gobsmacked by this. its completely brilliant.

Thennnnnn off to Marquee

big security men everywhere. so yes you, on the left, with the tacky/lame/unoriginal spiderman web on your arm, you get the ok from THEM before you go in.

more tasteless and cliche tatoos inside. However, it was SLIGHTLY better because whilst this guy seemed like an egotistical, white-rapper-esq model, he definitely was a model. rawr.

Cameron IS a model, and British, and FIT, (and from what I can tell/have seen, NO TATOOS)
all these qualities + the fact that he is absolutely amazing and lovely-nice= winner. at. life.

alcohol is a celebratory drink. we get it. the firecrackers in an overcrowded club filled with slightly-burly, slightly-drunk people is not the best idea.

many people (myself included) think girls licking lollypops is extremely attractive. i wanted one and refused to settle for the Starbursts that the bathrooms offered.

Adrian and Kay "are a sweet team/melting in your vice dreams, sport"

and you know, if you have to wear those probably aren't.

....or you are and just have very very low self-esteem. sucks.


tristan said...

haha legend!
dodgy guy meets magritte painting.
"ceci n'est pas une pipe"
they probably hire these guys so you can laugh at them.

Anonymous said...

that guy on the left looks like, oh iam sooo want that lollypops, not necessarily the girl.

Anonymous said...

wow. they must have been super tight on the door.

Anonymous said...

the "egotistical, white-rapper-esq model" = antony cueleneare from IMG, i think?

Anonymous said...

tattoos are repulsive.

the art is like the goldfinger girl painted silver with a baby head.

cameron & kay are cute.