Friday, May 18, 2007

thats hot

Wednesday night=Maxim Hot 100 party.
It also = night of torrential, pouring, this-is-so-not-seattle-so-why-the-weather, rain.
All those super hot maxim girls getting wet. (<-double entendre, obvs)


oh look--as soon as you get inside, out of the rain......more rain-like decorations. original.

Here's the thing though--no one seemed especially hot. the party felt like some singles bar on the upper east side. the women were slightly too old to wear the short flirty dresses they were wearing, and then men were wearing clothes that i'd only seen on "True Life: I'm a Jersey Shore Girl"....and everyone was legal.

there were 2 exceptions:
super hot guy right here. the dark green colors highlighted his curves perfectly.

and amanda lepore looked super beautiful. and was superrr nice to me.

so thus i ask--why rebecca why?

-sophia bush introducing herself to someone
-caridee (top model) saying "I don't know where he went off to, probably drunk somewhere"
-jay-z fighting his way through the crowd (my friend saw him, not i)
-danny masterson sitting alone

hit up gramercy hotel for about an hour. i stood next to a fireplace for too long and felt lightheaded for a bit.
-Watched stavros niarchos play pool

BLEACH where the misshapes and sophia lamar had come from a photoshoot wearing animal makeup and looking incredible.
there was a mattress outside bleach where any tired clubkids could take a rest.....
oh clubs these days.....


Mash said...

how lucky you are ! sounds great

Carina said...

Keep up the good work.