Wednesday, May 9, 2007

kate moss 4ever

still tired from lack of sleep but there was no way i was missing:

KATE MOSS/TOPSHOP launch at barneys
and then the after party at the gramercy park hotel

the outside of barneys. I assumed the "is kate there" to refer to her london store-front appearence. she was no (*cough* stupid *cough*) mannequin last night. whew.

can you just imagine your face plastered EVERYWHERE like this?
afterwards i stole 2 of these. oh my room is so much more awesome now.

the truely amazing DJs who did the party and the afterparty. unlike all the stuffy people there, they were SERIOUSLY getting their groove on. when kate walked downstairs after a smoke break, they put on babyshambles. obvs.

some of my lovers...Sean, Henry Holland, Agyness Dean

Faranista, with two lovely dressed women. All supremely nice.

Noelle Doukas=my new favorite person


---feel free to click on the pics to zoom them in. and then decide, how does kate REALLY look up close?

now everyone can say, "me and kate are THIS close"

everyone can be kate moss now.

kate moss hearts topshop.
and i heart them both. LOADS.

-Naomi Campbell walking downstairs wearing horribly ugly huge white boots
-Simon Doonan remembering me as the "stylish girl who complimented his adorable dog" SCORE.

-Irina K being introduced to various people
-A certain model casting scout getting goofy drunk on the dancefloor
-amy winehouse making out with her boyfriend in front of the DJs
-the olsen twins smoking in the corner.
-mary kate and max snow still quite close and cozy. max later sits next to mary kate and plays chess.
-winona ryder smoking on the couch next to sadie frost
-standing looking hot: theodora richards
-lily donaldson smoking, sitting next to pat richards (makeup artist)

immediate (and fun) bonding with Kate Bosworth and her BF James Rousseau (next model!). we (and their friend) went back to their hotel room and just relaxed/drank/hungout. kate, james, their friend and i chatted about accents, arctic monkeys, age, meeting people, and threw things. truely lovely lovely people.


Nina said...

6th picture: Noelle Doukas with my photographer friend Greg Kessler.

Claudia said...

yesssss is all i have to say.

also i spy the imaginary socialite

veritas said...

awesome stuff!!!,so how come your in any photos?whats up with that!

Lindsay said...

I think the girl in the middle with Fran is
*The Market Girl*

Anonymous said...

amazing blog, I guess you never sleep?

Anonymous said...

the djs are british, called Queens of noize

For Sure Couture said...

Who is the guy in this pic:
I can't figure out where I've seen him.

Anonymous said...

was irina lazareanu there?

Fluorescent Adolescent said...

yeah, I saw Irina L at the afterparty @ gramercy.....

Anonymous said...

so addictive.

Anonymous said...

that was so much fun.

also, some guy almost spilled his drink all over mary kate as she got into the elevator because he wanted to talk to her and she wanted to leave.

at the box after after, i shared some lovely herbal remedies with theodora. among others.

tres fab.

see you tonight.