Monday, May 21, 2007


today is monday. which means a full weekend of parties, joviality, and debauchery has passed.
evidenced here......

Friday=Ruffffff club. where the bouncers are big, ian cogneato is a sweetheart, and a stamp of a rabbit is required to enter the VIP section.
Also= Hiro where my friend performed. amazing.

Saturday=dinner with the Paper Magazine people @ Indochine


superbly fabulous paper people

jake has awesome friends.

seen/heard @ indochine
-david bowie talking with enthusiasm

apres--misshapesssssssss. mad crowded, mad fun.

bring on the week.


Anonymous said...

more party pics please! your commentary is great but pics bring the events home :))

Anonymous said...

you are totally going to be a huge socialite

its only people like you who live for this that can really become super huge on the internet!!!!!!!

i am so jealous that you have the stomach for this!

taylor a said...

i love your blog!
your commentary on all the parties is hilarious

Anonymous said...

the anonymous commentator above (May 21, 2007 7:39 PM) is hilarious and so good at sarcasm