Friday, May 11, 2007

the truth hurts

internship 1 threw party last night: went with awesomely awesome friend Kay Krumbalina G:

the waiters were hot, the food was cute and bite sized.
Recognize anyone in the photo?

I received: a kiss from Agyness Dean, a wave from Coco Rocha, smiles from various models, and a mini gift bag.
I did not receive: presents from the store the party was thrown in, drinks.
I learned: S/S 07 from this store is incredibly tacky.


Krumbanons said...

Actually though,
patchwork denim flared jeans?
Yeah, I had me a pair of those when i=I was a troubled and socially awkward 7th grader, and yes, I did pair them with sketchers, a sparkly blue turtle neck and little to no self-esteem.

six said...

I bought the toddler LV driving mocs for my future children

Anonymous said...

Tess! its me, sean :D
what was that party for? im missing ny already shall i come right back?

got an apology call this morning about u know what! haha


Anonymous said...

I was there. The waiters were hot, indeed.

Borlandesque said...

Nice coverage in radar.

Anonymous said...

do i see kimball hastings and ali micheal?