Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ticket to fame

so yesterday was the parsons fashion show, where the graduating students show off their work, and the 2 most aspiring designers are awarding a prize. <--my version of what it actually was.

Absolutely gorgeous day...the show was at the Park Hyatt which is absolutely ginormous and inside, i had to ask directions to the show 2x. awesome.

motherfucking long runway.
one of the winning designer's collection:

this designer did not win because her dress is held by leather straps. and the bottom is just....different. hm.

where have we seen aviation clothes before?

oh hi, ralph lauren last year...... (i know its a shitty picture but it was to show how much of a copy of RL it was)
point proven.

MALE MODELS! weeeeeeeeeeeee!

shiny hair and shiny coat. epic.

this guy had the biggest, most obvious model pout. i do believe you can even see it in the photo

one of my favorite new Fusion models.....

the last (BIG) dress walking down the runway......

uproar/cheering ensues.....

the designers enjoying their time walking down the runway.

....the models were hotter.

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underneath said...

Henzo is unbelieveably beautiful!