Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the future belongs to you and me

Sunday Night @ Hiro w/ Sean.......

which turned out to be gay night. which meant there was a massively smokey dance floor. and lots and lots and lots of hot guys. who were gay. but i could still look.......

but basically......welcome to hell.....haha

the camera-whoreish bar tender. i'd have more love for him if he had given us free drinks but no......

i have a new found love for bartenders who are half naked. awesome really.

the scene.......lots of men. few girls. such is life.

supremely hot lady. rawr. seriously.

the dj was shitty....i didnt recognize most songs....and honestly, when you have this in your cd collection, how good can you really be?

henry holland yet again WELL represented. henry is lovely lovely lovely, i saw him tonight.

the male go-go dancers. SHORTIES.

amanda lepore sat right next to us. waved at me. played with her Razr phone. looked hot. danced a bit. cheered on the gogo dancers.

pfft...i should have known. the women's room. and i thought this was the one night there wouldnt be a line.

goddamn i was wrong

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krumbalina said...

wait does this mean that ron actually PAYED for drinks?
a first, no?