Tuesday, May 8, 2007

fix up look sharp

I dont know how exactly but tonight: after borrowing a dress from internship 1:

1. Attended the Costume Institute Gala at the Met.
2. Afterparty 1 @ Mr. Chow's
3. Afterparty 2 @ The Box (which i find overrated)

Seen/Heard tonight:
-Liev Schreiber rubbing Naomi Watts growing midsection
-Miuccia Prada complimenting my dress. Her own "back-to-basics" red plastic skirt was equally as great.
-Jennifer Lopez and I comparing gold dresses
-Talking to Sasha Pivovarova about her marriage in Vegas.
-Women's Room=smoking room.
-Winona Ryder saying "i love you!" to another actress inside
-Gisele sweeping past Ivanka Trump, who gives her a dirty look
-Marc Jacobs grabbing Tom Ford's butt and saying "WE DONT GET YOUNGER, TOM"
-Marc Jacobs greeting Lindsay Lohan with a "hello Sleezsay" (he is greeted with a "hi sexy!")
-Clare Danes completely piss drunk and dancing with a sleazy looking BF at mr. chow's
-Sean to Mick Jagger: "I can't sing!"
Mick Jagger to Sean: "Neither can I"
-Designated smoke spot: Enjoyed a bit of fresh air there with Jamie Burke, Irina K, Lindsay Lohan, Rose McGowan and Angella Lindvall.
-Complimenting Karl Lagerfeld on his jewelry in french!
-Harvey Weinstein slightly sketchily watching me dance at Mr. Chows
-Complaining with Mischa Barton about the cold
-Ashley O telling Sean not to say his suit was Prada but a size or two larger, rather, just "prada".
-Mary Kate O generously sharing her marlboro reds to anyone who asked
-Ellen Barkin looking verryyyy botoxed
-Julia Dunstall wearing awesome red framed glasses and complaining about why she had to be here.
-Naomi Campbell getting pinned to her dress by the designer during the gala in a hallway.

shall update more when I think of more.......


Anonymous said...

I'm your fan

six said...

did you just quote dizzee rascal?

Claudia said...

wow i had no idea you were so ummm.. connected lol. this blog just moved up my favourites list. more gossip tibits please and a pic of ur dress?

Anonymous said...

plleeeease post a pic of your dress if you have one

Anonymous said...

juicy blog. love it....

donna said...

i just realized who you are.

i would also like to see your dress!

one more thing, the outfits you wear to misshapes are ridiculously cute.

veritas said...

this is the kinda stuff i live for!! keep it comin!!!

Mash said...

love your blog