Wednesday, May 23, 2007

bang bang rock and roll

last night=screaming mimi's party @ happy ending

apparently, its a masculine health club during the day tho....

i spy people from internship 1!

people try to be super lovely/loving to ian in hopes of getting in.

dressed up manniquins inside.
i feel like there's a double entendre with that quote but i can't figure it out.

richie rich from heatherette in all his beauty and fabulousness. (faran-he says hi to you)

jordan with the best outfit. i like that the girl wins the height contest with her headband.

best accessory i saw all night-this girl can pull off a gold hat.

the party had (thankfully) turned-off saunas downstairs to use as VIP booths. sorta genius.


mike nouveau=model. really. really really.

a mixture of pure excitement, and jaded boredom.


Faran said...

Hi Richie!

krumbalina said...

why am i so viciously ripped away from you on these godforsaken school nights,

sam said...

OMG I LOVE THAT GYM! THEY HAVE REALLY GREAT DUMPLINGS TOO! and also ive like lived in those saunas tooooo funny that they turn into vip rooms....hahaha theyre like sweat boxes otherwise...hahahahhaHAHAHA toooo funny lol xox see you soooon

Anonymous said...

not sure that jordan would win 'best outfit' on "Sartorialist" blog but thats why we lurve ya, beanbag

Anonymous said...

that dudes outfit is just a mishmosh of every trend. misguided, not misshapes.
whatever this misshapes craze is anyway.
on second thought, misguided=misshapes.
not in the clashy, backyard boy lost souled cool kids way.
i miss the real ones

Anonymous said...

he was costumed specifically for the party with the additional two staples of his usual style (the hat and scarf) as kind of a joke ... his style is pretty great, actually, very fresh

Mash said...

i love richie rich <3